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quasi disturbing sex dreams, great job - szaszhareen
quasi disturbing sex dreams, great job
today i had a dream that i met a bondage nun/french maid in an airport. upon first talking to her i knew that i remembered her but it took me a while to remember her name. "wait... i know... rhonda, right? we were in the SCA together?" "yeah! nice to see you... again."

totally wierd. one of the strangest things about the dream was how i felt like i knew her from real life, and not just my dreamscape where people and places recur all the time. another strange thing was that in addition to feeling like i knew her from reality as well as the dreamworld, i had a strange vision of remembering her being very loose. not like, promiscuous, but as in having a large vaginal opening. part of our past relationship was apparently fiery, passionate sexual proclivity.

why was this important? i still dont understand. the dream stuck with me even as i woke up to go to the bathroom. i began to realize that she wasnt real, but i still felt like i knew her, she felt close, like i could pick up the phone and ask her out for sushi or something.

my favorite part of the dream was her outfit. i'm pretty sure she was more nun than french maid, because she was with another nun. but her habit was trimmed in studded black leather, with submissive rings attached in various places, and the fabric was woodland camouflage. completely, obscenely hot outfit. i think i may make one for myself...

as i went back to bed, i started to have another dream. this one had me working in a restaurant that was inexplicably outdoors and in the woods, and i was serving and bussing tables. somehow, i came across a bunch of really good steaks, along with fries, toast, and, like, gravy or something. i decided that the best idea was to wrap all of this up so that i could take it home and eat it later, because it all looked really delicious. i managed to wrap up the toast and put it away, but when i came back for the steaks they were gone. i was totally bummed. next there was a sequence that is kind of vague... i was with some old guy and there was a truck and telephone poles at the edge of the woods.

anyway, then i went home, where i inexplicably resided in an apartment with sean hannity. sean was either gone or in his room, but when i got home i discovered the steaks in the refrigerator. sean hannity, my roommate, had stolen my steaks! my delicious steaks!

after i figured this out i started having a conversation with the old man, who was there for some reason, and a very handsome and well built blond guy who was sitting next to him and also had no real reason for being there. they were sitting in the foyer, right next to the door. i was looking at them from the kitchen. at some point the old man excused himself and left, and after a little bit of talking the blond guy gets up and grabs a hot, soapy towel out of the sink and starts to wash my back. i still had my shirt on, so i'm like "hey, what the hell are you doing? at least take my clothes off first." and then he takes me into the living room and starts to totally ravish me.

and then i woke up. and went to work.

so, i met a slutty bondage nun at an airport and had gay sex in sean hannity's living room. score!

(i should add here that i've never known anyone named rhonda. after analyzing this all day i think rhonda was an amalgam of most of the women i've been with in my life. and the guy... well, the guy was just hot.)


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